Exterior Painting

The exterior is the first thing people see when approaching your home or office, so why not make sure that your building looks its best? Outdoor painted surfaces suffer constant wear and tear from sun, wind, rain, and pollution, and over time they will wear down and look ragged and old. Thankfully, Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting offers a variety of exterior painting options to restore your home or office to its proper glory. Don’t settle for an inferior or outdated paint job–call our Stuart or Jensen Beach offices to schedule an estimate today!

At Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting, our licensed and insured professionals have years of experience protecting buildings from the constant damage of weather. No matter the exterior, we have the expertise to help you select the perfect paint both to safeguard your home or office and to showcase your own personal style.

One of the most important parts of outdoor exterior painting isn’t the painting at all, but rather how you prepare the building’s surface beforehand. Without proper preparations, the paint will not bond with the exterior, which can cause major problems down the line. At Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting, we thoroughly clean, smooth, and prime all work surface to ensure that they are ready for the paint. We also caulk any holes or gaps to prevent moisture seepage that can damage your walls over time. From there, we apply the chosen style of paint to give your home or office the sleek new look you’ve always dreamed of.

Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting has experience with painting countless exterior surfaces and styles, including:

– Vinyl
– Stucco
– Wood
– Exterior trim
– And many more!


Porches, Decks, & Patios

During nice weather, outdoor areas such as decks and porches can be the most popular areas in your home. Rich wood hues and vibrant paints automatically draw the eye of any guests, but harsh weather can leave your favorite entertaining spot chipped, cracked, and faded. Thankfully, Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting is also your local expert in patio restoration and repair! Whether it’s repainting your deck railing or giving your entire deck a fresh stain, trust our experts to handle all your patio restoration needs!

Before beginning work, our professional team thoroughly cleans and smooths your porch to remove and dirt and fix any wood strands that have splintered off from the main boards. Once the initial scrubbing is done, we shield any nearby plants and wash the boards in a commercial-grade cleaner designed to clean off any mildew or mold. From there, we offer a wide variety of restoration options, including paints and stains in virtually any color.

Woods stains do much more than give your patio a stunning natural finish–they also protect the underlying wood from harsh weather ranging from scorching sun to pouring rain. Without stain, your deck would fade from the sun’s UV rays and slowly decay from the constant presence of moisture. Thankfully, wood stain is an easy and stylish way to keep your patio protected for years to come.

Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting offers stains in a variety of styles, including:

– Semi-transparent stain: showcases the natural grain of the wood
– Semi-solid stain: showcases the natural grain of the wood while also adding a light level of pigment
– Solid stain: completely covers the wood and comes in several colors and intensities that can complement any decor

Regardless of which style you choose, we finish the job by applying a coat of sealer to add an extra layer of protection.

If painting is more your style, we offer a wide variety of colors to match your home or to transform your yard into a one-of-a-kind paradise. Once you’ve chosen a style, our experts will clean, smooth, and prime the areas before applying an even coat everywhere, even in hard-to-reach places around stairs and railings. With Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting, you know your deck is in good hands.

A patio is more than an outdoor sanctuary–it’s an extension of your home and your style as a homeowner. Don’t settle for anything less than your perfect deck. If your porch area needs fresh stain, fresh paint, or just a general makeover, call Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting in Stuart and Jensen Beach to request a quote today!