Popcorn Ceiling & Wallpaper Removal

Decorating according to fads can be fun at the time, but it can make a building look dated in the future. For example, popcorn ceilings were popular between the 1950s and 1980s, but have since gone out of style. The same is true of wallpaper, especially dull or textured designs that can make a room look crowded and dark.
Thankfully, the remodeling experts at Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting can fix both these problems, giving your home or office the updated look you’ve always dreamed of. If you have a building in need of a modern makeover, then call us to request a quote today!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

At the time, many homeowners enjoyed the bright look, unique texture, and noise dampening properties offered by popcorn ceilings, also known as stucco ceilings or cottage cheese ceilings. Unfortunately, some contractors used the distinctive texture to hide flaws or shortcuts in their work, and popcorn ceilings soon fell out of style. Despite the changing trends, there are still thousands of homes and businesses with popcorn ceilings, especially those that were built before the 1980s.

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your outdated popcorn ceiling, consider the countless benefits:
No more falling pieces of styrofoam.
Less surface area to trap dust, allergens, and cobwebs.
Less surface area to clean.
No more chance of accidentally scraping off pieces and leaving patches of damaged ceiling.
Sleek, modern ceilings will increase your home’s aesthetics and value.

Removing popcorn ceiling is a big project best left to an experienced contractor. Thankfully, Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting has the tools and expertise to make your house look better than new. For those curious as to the process, our popcorn removal process goes like this:

The professionals at Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting inspect the interior of your home and offer a price estimate for you to approve. Once you have agreed to the services and signed the documents, we will schedule a time to perform the renovations.

On the day of the removal, we will return and prepare your home for the service by moving furniture and covering your belongings as needed. From there, we will shield your floors, walls, doorways, ceiling fixtures, and even outlets with protective plastic sheets.
Once everything is covered, our expert team will scrape off and sand down the popcorned areas into a smooth final product.

When the ceiling has been restored to a blank canvas, we will prime, paint, and/or retexture according to your specifications, giving your home a sleek look chosen specifically by you.

Finally, we will remove all plastic coverings and clean up every scrap of popcorn material. We’ll leave your house so pristine that you’ll never know we were even there.

Updating your ceiling is a great way to breathe new life into your home or office, and Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting has the know-how to get the job done quickly and professionally. If you’re in the Stuart or Jensen Beach areas, then call today to talk options and pricing!

Wallpaper Removal

Though it was initially a status symbol, wallpaper has gone from a luxury item to an unnecessary item that many people prefer to avoid. As with popcorn ceilings, wallpaper can be found in countless homes and commercial buildings, and removing it can be stressful and time-consuming for those without the proper experience and equipment.

Thankfully, Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting has everything it takes to give your walls the contemporary look you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you need renovations in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, or anywhere else, the experts at Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting can get the job done right. Our team always starts by inspecting your house to determine both the type of wallpaper and the type of wall underneath. For example, vinyl wallpaper can be especially tricky to unstick, and drywall can sometimes be damaged by moisture-based removal techniques. No matter the type or material, we can remove your wallpaper quickly and safely without harming the underlying wall structure, even if there are multiple layers of paper. From there, we clean up every scrap of wallpaper to leave your house looking as clean as when we started. Once the wallpaper is gone, our professional painters can help you choose a stunning new paint to give your home any design and color you can imagine.

Wallpaper removal can be tiresome and frustrating, so why not trust the work to someone who you know will do a great job? If your walls are in need of an update, then call the Paul’s Picture Perfect Painting experts in Stuart or Jensen Beach today!

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